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The link at the bottom of this page will allow you to make requests in advance for the event you are about to attend.

You will be asked for a group name and a password to enter this area. If you don't know the group name and password, please contact the people or organization hosting the event for the appropriate information.

Yes. We also happily accept requests at our events as well for your convenience.


Our Music Request Policy...

Designed with the Party in Mind!

The Sound Solution
Music Request Policy has been written in the interest of creating a full dance floor! We work on the concept that people can "Listen" to songs at home or in their car anytime - When we are there - it's time to dance!

When making your requests, please remember that the more popular your request is with the majority of the audience, the more likely you are to hear it. The most popular artists and song styles are always played first.

Our Policy...

  • All songs must be danceable and hold a consistent beat.

Songs that speed up and slow down are great to listen to while you're in rush hour traffic, but a solid beat keeps the dance floor moving! 

This is why songs with irregular tempos shouldn't be played during the dance portion of the event.  

  • All songs should be easily recognizable by the majority of the guests.

If the majority of guests don't recognize the song in the time it takes to say "I don't know what this song is, I'm going to sit down." - chances are the dance floor will clear.

As a rule of thumb, most people will leave a dance floor if they don't recognize the song in the first 8 beats.  Keeping this in mind when you make your requests improves the chances of hearing your favourite songs.

  • Songs with the potential of embarrassing the event hosts won't play.

All songs during the evening must be in good taste and event appropriate.

We won't change first song at a wedding to "Another one bites the dust" or dedicate "Take this job and shove it" at a corporate event. "Heavy Metal" requests also will never happen at a "Big Band" gala - or vice versa.

  • Any song containing vulgar language will not air. 


Please Note:

Your requests will be reviewed by both the hosts of the event and the actual DJ/Entertainer who will be playing the music to determine appropriateness and popularity.

We will attempt to cover as many requests as possible in the time we've got to play, however song requests cannot be guaranteed.

Any request made may be edited from the list by the hosts of the celebration, or the DJ/Entertainer, should the be considered inappropriate for the event or if time restrictions occur.


Great Requests make a great Party!


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