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As Your Certified Professional Wedding Planner
As Your Professional Disc Jockey Consultant.
Professional Experience
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As Your Certified Professional Wedding Planner...

Dave Hastings, W.P.I.C.C.

With over 2,300 weddings and hundreds of corporate and personal events to his credit, Sound Solution President Dave Hastings has developed a unique understanding of what it takes to create a successful event.

In 2009, Dave became the National President of the Canadian Professional Disc Jockey Association (CPDJA) where he teaches over 1200 DJs a year.



 Dave Speaks Bride... And Groom Too!

Dave is one of the first Professional Disc Jockeys in all of Canada to become a Certified Professional Wedding Planner with the Wedding Planners Institute of Canada (W.P.I.C.C.)

As a Certified Professional Wedding Planner, he can draw from his knowledge of the latest unique wedding and event ideas to provide suggestions that will assist you in your planning process.

He also can provide you with referrals through his many industry contacts should you be in need of other talented professional services in the wedding or event industry, such as top Photographers, Decor Specialists, Florists, etc.



As Your Professional Disc Jockey Consultant...

As your Professional Disc Jockey Consultant, Dave will spend time with you to assess both the overall feeling you want to create for your celebration as well as your technical requirements.

Once he has developed an understanding of your needs, he will help you choose the right DJ for your day, ensuring that their playing style, personality and music knowledge perfectly compliments your reception by creating the exact atmosphere you desire and a seamlessly run celebration.

The Sound Solution team currently consists of 11 Professional Disc Jockey Entertainers with a huge range of music knowledge, experience and specialized technical skills.

Dave will work with you to match their unique talents to your exact needs.


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Professional Experience

Dave became one of Canada's youngest Professional Disc Jockeys, playing his first event at the age of 13.

He has consistently developed his industry education and professional skills to become a multi-faceted Audience Motivation Specialist and inspirational Master of Ceremonies/Entertainer.

He recently obtained his Bronze, Silver and Gold Level Professional Master of Ceremonies Certificates from the Marbecca Institute. This process took 3 years, hundreds of hours of practise and required travel to Texas, New York State and Nevada to obtain the training.

As a professional Disc Jockey Consultant, he provides training courses in audience motivation, music programming, mixing, and professional microphone technique to Disc Jockeys across North America. 

He is also an in-demand guest speaker at Bridal Shows across Canada, where he teaches wedding couples to ask the right questions so they effectively choose a properly qualified and talented DJ/Entertainer for their wedding day.

Last year Dave entertained thousands worldwide at a variety of events.

In an industry where you are considered a “full-time” Disc Jockey if you play between 26 and 37 events during a year, Dave has played more than 3 times that number of events consistently every year - for the last 10 years.

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Awards - Achievements - Special Recognition


Dave is one of a very select group of individuals who received a “DJ Industry Pioneer Award“ from the Canadian Association of Mobile Entertainers & Operators (C.A.M.E.O.)

He has received international recognition for the development of the Interactive & Performance Entertainment Disc Jockey concepts within North America and has performed in 11 different countries around the world.

He is a former Radio Announcer who has been extensively featured on TV and international trade publications.

Dave was appointed as a member of the Canadian On-line Disc Jockey Association’s (C.P.D.J.A.) 2008 “Leadership Team” as the National Director of Special Projects.

In early 2009, he was promoted to the National Vice-President of the National Executive Board of the CPDJA.

Since November of 2009, Dave has been serving as the National President of the Canadian Professional Disc Jockey Association Inc., Canada's largest professional Disc Jockey Association. He now creates the industry standards for over 1200 member Disc Jockeys and companies in over 300 locations across the country.

He is currently writing a series of  "What You Should Know" consumer help articles to assist people by providing valuable information on dealing with Banquet Halls, and choosing the right style of Disc Jockey for their events that will be featured on The Sound Solution and Canadian Professional Disc Jockey Association's websites.

In February of 2010, Dave received Canada's most prestigious Disc Jockey award, the George M. Greenwood Memorial Award. He became only the 4th person in the history of the entire Disc Jockey Industry to receive this honour.

After years of providing training to DJ's across North America, pioneering new ideas and creating entirely unique entertainment concepts, Dave received this special recognition for his outstanding contribution on both a professional and personal level to the Disc Jockey Industry.

On May 14th, 2012, Dave received the CPDJA Lifetime Achievement Award from Executive Director, Dennis Hampson.

The Award was in recognition of over 35 years of achievement and accomplishment as a Professional Disc Jockey and for his service to the CPDJA and the DJ Industry during the previous 5 years.

  Dave Hastings Lifetime Achievement Award

In November of 2012, Dave became the very first Professional Disc Jockey in North America to be honoured with a 5-Star Professional Emcee Award from internationally renowned Author, Tom Haibeck.

He also wrote the forward to the latest edition of "The Wedding M.C.", the book that's consider the definitive "How To" Guide for professional wedding Emcee's.

  Dave Hastings 5 Star Award

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Mixing and Night Club Experience

Dave developed his beat-mixing expertise and music programming skills during his 20 years as a professional Night Club D.J. and Event Host at over 40 of the largest clubs across North America.

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