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The Right Music - At The Right Time
We Play FOR Your Audience, Not AT Your Audience - Our Request Format
Our Request Policy - Designed With The Party In Mind!
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The Right Music - At The Right Time

Variety Is The Key!

We believe that our music mix should reflect the variety of people in the audience.

We try to change the style of the music played every 4 to 5 songs to ensure that we cover the greatest majority of your audience in the time we have to play.

We also vary the tempo of the music during every set for maximum dance floor impact.

We arrive at your occasion with one of the most expansive music collections in the country. This offers your group an INCREDIBLE variety of artists and styles of music from which to choose.

Currently, our music collection is large enough to play the dance portion of an event more than 200 times, without duplicating a song. It is currently covers 522 different tempos and styles of music

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We Play FOR Your Audience, Not AT Your Audience

Our Request Format

We offer two different ways to accept requests for your event.

Our On-Line Guest Music Requests system will take requests in advance of the event.

As a special feature, our “Dance Music Suggestions” system is provided at no extra charge in order to custom tailor your evening's music to the exact mood of your audience at the event!

Successful interaction between your Entertainer and your audience starts by letting the people know that our only purpose is to make sure they have a great time.

Our Dance Music Suggestion System Is A Great Icebreaker!


This is especially useful when you have people seated together who are meeting for the first time as this process promotes conversation amongst those in attendance.

We attempt to position our request cards so that they are hidden, normally underneath a side plate, so they do not affect the décor.

Whenever possible, the audiences requests are collected discreetly by your DJ/Entertainer in person at the event.

This will let your guests know that we are approachable.

It helps to create a comfortable connection between the audience and your entertainer reducing the “stage fright” factor that many people have when dealing with music professionals.

If you “guess” what people want to hear, you can be either right or wrong. We believe that your occasion deserves better than a 50% chance of success.

Your audience directs our music as no one knows better as to what they want to hear. This is why we find out the facts. If every song you play is an audience favourite – everyone wins.

Most importantly, this system lets us know how much of each musical style your audience wants to hear. It also tells us what songs amongst each style will create maximum dance floor impact.

If you have been wondering what has motivated audiences recently, our On-LIne Music Database - located in our "Client Lounge" contains a list of the Top 200 most requested dance hits of today.

This dynamic list is contstantly updated from the requests we receive - so you're kept current with what's hot on the dance floors!


Our Music Request Policy...

Designed With The Party In Mind!


During your Pre-Event Consultation with your Sound Solution DJEntertainer, they will find out what styles of music and particular songs you want played at your event, creating our "Music Guideline".

This will include finding out all about your musical "Do's" and Don't's" - so your event reflects your idea of a amazing time.

We also use the combination of our On-Line Guest Music Request System and our "Dance Music Suggestions" Cards to find out what will motivate your guests!

The combination of all 3 sources are used to determine the perfect mix of dance floor filling hits.

The Sound Solution Music Request Policy has been written in the interest of creating a full dance floor! We work on the concept that people can "Listen" to songs at home or in their car anytime - When we are there - it's time to dance!


Our Policy...

  • All songs must be danceable and hold a consistent beat.

Songs with irregular tempos will not be played during the dance portion of the event.

  • All songs should be easily recognizable by the majority of the guests.

If the majority of guests don't recognize the song in the time it takes to say "I don't know what this song is, I'm going to sit down." - chances are the dance floor will clear.

As a rule of thumb, most people will leave a dance floor if they don't recognize the song in the first 8 beats.

  • Songs with the potential of embarrassing the event hosts won't play.

All songs during the evening must be in good taste and event appropriate.

We won't change first song at a wedding to "Another one bites the dust" or dedicate "Take this job and shove it" at a corporate event. "Heavy Metal" requests also will never happen at a "Big Band" gala - or vice versa.

  • Any song containing vulgar language will not air.

Volume Control

We Compliment Your Affair – Not Overpower It

We understand the importance of conversation. At The Sound Solution, we pay careful attention to both sound levels and speaker placement.

Proper Acoustical Tuning helps to ensure listener comfort and dance floor coverage.

We also perform numerous listening checks in the audience area during the event to monitor the volume and quality of sound.

We use state of the art professional series equipment to produce top sound quality.

When this type of equipment is combined with our level of technical expertise, we can provide just the right amount of sound to both please and motivate those in attendance.



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